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GB WhatsApp- all you have to know

Standing in the 21st century, finding a person who doesn’t know about WhatsApp is challenging. From industrial to educational institutions, the usage of this app as a lenient communicating and file-sharing system is not unfamiliar to us.

But do you have any idea about GB WhatsApp? Those who don't know what a GB WhatsApp is make sure to read this article until the end. 

What is GB WhatsApp?

Generally speaking, GB WhatsApp is an imitation of the original application that provides several exceptional features than the original one. A third-party developer specially formulates this application. You can use both the original WhatsApp and the GB WhatsApp on the same device at a time. Hence, no need to delete or uninstall the previous one for the new one. 

GB WhatsApp Download

Developers have made this app considering few things such as size, features, etc. Although it works like a conventional WhatsApp app, yet there are few distinguishable disparities between them. Another significant detail you must keep in mind before using a GB WhatsApp and FM WhatsApp is that it is available neither on the Google Play Store nor on the Apple App Store. You can only download this app through an APK file from our website

What are the features of a GB WhatsApp? 

As mentioned earlier, few new and different types of features accessible through the GB WhatsApp make it unique from the traditional one.
GBWA apk
Some of these aspects are listed down below. 


This special characteristic of a GB WhatsApp allows users to send texts automatically when someone texts them. Once you Download GB WhatsApp, you can also get your hand into this unique feature. 

messenger apkDo-Not-Disturb:

If you do not want to receive unwanted texts from WhatsApp without disconnecting your wi-fi, Do not disturb, or DND mode can help you. If you turn on DND, you won’t receive any notification from the app, even if you are using any other apps on your mobile. 

messenger for androidUnique notifications:

Unlike the conventional WhatsApp, a GB WhatsApp provides lots of unique notifications to keep users updated all the time. This app notifies users even if someone from your chat list updates the display picture. Is not it amazing?

messenger appLanguage:

Now you can choose whichever language you wish with this special characteristic. This app enables to select users' preferred language instead of only English. 

messenger GBWAHigh-resolution images:

When we exchange photos through the traditional WhatsApp, the quality reduces. But with GB WhatsApp, you can deliver photos without any compromise on the quality. 

GBWA messengerSelect all chats:

This app enables all chats selection by pressing one button on the home screen. Now, you do not have to select chats one by one anymore. 

Download messengerFont styles:

If you are tired of using one font style for a long time, it is your chance to jump into a huge collection of different font styles through GB WhatsApp. This app provides lots of unique font styles to users. Without changing the phone font, you can select whichever font you want in GB WhatsApp. 

download gbwaStatus download:

You cannot download the videos and images from the status section in a traditional WhatsApp. But with GB WhatsApp, it is possible. If you like someone’s status, you can easily download it. So, you don’t have to ask for videos or images from your WA pals anymore. If you like something, go and download it. 

app gbwaExtraordinary effects: 

While sending an image to someone, you can get your hands into many cool effects in GB WhatsApp. So, no more need to edit images on other apps before sending. 

app gbwa apkThemes:

This application provides a unique and vast collection of themes and emojis. Go and choose whatever you prefer the most. 
These were some of the brand new and extraordinary factors about the GB WhatsApp. So in case you want to try these out, go and download this app from the relevant APK. 

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How to install GB WhatsApp?

Being the duplicate model or a replica of the conventional WhatsApp application, this app is not available on Google Play Store or an iOS Store. You have to download this app from an APK file. You can search on Google for GB WhatsApp APK and download this file from the website from 

Remember, you must have enough storage space on your mobile phone for installing this app. The app size remains between 40 and 45 MB. If your phone is running out of storage, make sure to uninstall irreverent apps or use external storage before installing the app. 

Now, enable the “Unknown Source Installation” from your phone setting. Press the “Download” button and you will see the app is downloading on your notification bar. Connect your phone with strong wi-fi so that the installing process doesn’t get interrupted due to a weak connection. 

Once you download the GB WhatsApp APK, it’s time to log in or sign in. Use your sim number and get logged in to your account. Add your best picture as your DP, select the best themes, and wallpaper. Now you can view your contact list on the home page. Send them Hello and start your GB WhatsApp journey. 

What are the fundamental differences between the normal WhatsApp and the GB WhatsApp? 

GB WhatsApp apk

There are lots of common between a conventional WhatsApp and a GB WhatsApp. For instance, you can share texts, in ages, videos, audios, doc files, etc. However, the distinctions between these two apps cannot be ignored. 

Firstly, the download source is different for both these apps. Where the normal WhatsApp can get installed from the App Store and the Google Play Store, you can Download GB WhatsApp only from APK. 

Secondly, the original WhatsApp provides to exchange of thirty files at once, whether it is an image, video, audio, or document. But with the Latest version GB WhatsApp, you can share up to 100 documents at once. 

Thirdly, you can download statues through a GB WhatsApp, unlike the original one.

Fourthly, GB WhatsApp enables blank message sharing while the normal one does not. 

Lastly, with GB WhatsApp, you can get lots of benefits, including hiding last seen, theme changing, don’t style changing, and many more. But a normal WhatsApp provides only a few of these benefits. 


Hopefully, this article was helpful enough to collect basic information about GB WhatsApp. Both the normal and the GB WhatsApp are almost the same until it comes to the different unique features provided by the second one. Then, as a wise user, it is entirely over you to download the one you think is a better fit for you. 

If you are a business owner, you can download a GB WhatsApp for personal use only. However, doing commercial discussions and exchanging sensitive files is a big no for GB WhatsApp users. If you are okay with these conditions, go for GB WhatsApp. 


mod whatsappWhat is GB WhatsApp? 

GB WhatsApp is a replica of the original WhatsApp application that provides several exceptional features than the original one. Unlike our conventional WhatsApp, a GB WhatsApp supplies so many advantages, including auto-reply, themes, notifications, etc. 

A GB WhatsApp is available neither on the Google Play Store nor on the Apple App Store. Therefore, you can only download this app through an APK file. 

mod whatsapp apkFrom where can I download GB WhatsApp?

You cannot download GB WhatsApp from Google Play Store or Apple App Store. Instead, you have to find the right APK file for downloading GB WhatsApp. 

Your phone must have sufficient storage space for downloading this file. Now, allow the "Unknown Source Installation" from your phone setting. Next, press the "Download" button, and you can see the app is installing on your notification bar.

mod whatsapp appIs it safe using GB WhatsApp?

Not really. Not a single clone app found in the market is 100% safe. Moreover, the server is the same for the normal and GB and another clone WhatsApp. But the extra design and encryption by a third-party developer cannot assure the safety of this app. 

Therefore, you can use this app until you share any sensitive data, personal pictures, and commercial details. For conscious users, this app is safe. 

mod whatsapp gbwaCan GB WhatsApp damage my phone?

Being developed under a less secure and safe environment, GB WhatsApp is affected by harmful viruses. Malware and Spyware are some of the dangerous viruses. These can damage your prevailing mobile data and files. So, make sure to get your hand into antivirus before downloading GB WhatsApp. 

mod whatsapp for androidWhich one should I choose between GB WhatsApp and regular WhatsApp?

Well, it depends on your requirements. The type of data you want to share through WhatsApp determines which one you should use. 
If you are using the app for commercial purposes, using the regular WhatsApp is suggested. In this case, using GB WhatsApp is not the best option for you due to a lack of security. However, if you want to use GB WhatsApp for normal chitchat with your pals, you can go for it.

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