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Everything You Should Need To know About YO Whatsapp

For those unfamiliar with YO WhatsApp, it is a modified edition of the popular multi-platform messaging application 'WhatsApp'.  This ostensibly "improved" version of WhatsApp first appeared in 2014 and has progressively grown in popularity. 

Since that day, several other developers have created their own WhatsApp copies or hacks, although few have found any favour. YO WhatsApp is the most popular cloned software to date, according to the pools of pirated copies. This unauthorized WhatsApp MOD contains several essential functions that the standard WhatsApp application does not utilize.

YO WhatsApp apk

Despite multiple appealing changes in the source program, this cloned software retains its industry position due to its excellent functionalities. WhatsApp is accessible for iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Symbian, Windows Phone, Windows, Mac, and the web, among other systems. Furthermore, whereas this WhatsApp Mod is only accessible for Mobile customers, it may be downloaded as a YO WhatsApp APK from the company's webpage.

What Exactly Is YO Whatsapp?

YO WhatsApp is a WhatsApp that has been tweaked. It contains much of the standard version's functions, but it also has several unique functions that the standard software does not have. 

It's fun texting software with a primary and user-friendly UI. For example, you could transfer clips up to 50 MB and hide blue ticks even after you've viewed the texts of contact information or groups. The variant is similar to WhatsApp and with more additional characteristics such as: Deactivating the Internet only for WhatsApp (so that you don't get troubled although if your Internet is ON, with the support of WhatsApp's in-built DND (do not disturb) characteristics).

It enables you to assign 600 receivers to a broadcasting group, while the conventional edition only permits a small amount. YO WhatsApp, too, offers over 100 languages. Consider how wonderful it will be to exchange all of your dozens of images in one go. 

YO Whatsapp won this round because it enables you to send 90 images at once, although the standard edition only allows you to send ten photographs at the moment. 

YO Whatsapp has released its latest version with a slew of new capabilities in addition to the ones listed here. Although WhatsApp is fantastic in and of itself, YO Whatsapp enhances customer interaction by adding more complex features.

How can I download YO Whatsapp?

Obtaining YO WhatsApp entails installing the most current edition of the application's APK.

YO WhatsApp is as easy to install as other chatting applications. However, it requires approval because it is a third-party program. As a result, you must activate unknown sources in Android's setup.
Step 1: Go to this  and select DOWNLOAD FREE from the drop-down menu. 
Step 2: All you'd have to do is install the app that you would any other. Navigate to the location where your APK download was saved using the file browser. 
Step 3: Once you've found the document on your display, keep tapping it and select the Install choice. You must be calm as it may require a couple of moments. 
Step 4: After the application has been installed, access it and complete out the boxes requesting confirmation. The process can be accomplished using an OTP or by calling a mobile number.
Step 5: After completing the confirmation process, you will utilize this entertaining functional application. YO WhatsApp upgrades are released once a month, so maintain the app up to date to take advantage of new functionality.

Features of YO Whatsapp:


WhatsApp's conventional variant is offered in two versions: the main channel and a beta testing edition for Android, iOS, Windows, and other gadget shops. YO WhatsApp, on the other hand, is not accessible on the Google Play Store but may be obtained as an APK file from the company's webpage. 

messenger appCharacter Count Restrictions 

Because YO WhatsApp allows you to compose your statement up to 250 characters instead of 139, you could now utilize longer quotations in your posts. You can effortlessly add extensive quotes to your WhatsApp status. 
messenger yowaHide the last time you were saw 
WhatsApp has a feature that enables you to hide your recent location from stalkers. If you hide last seen, you will hide your complete friend list's last seen, too, though. However, this is not the case with YO WhatsApp, which allows you to hide last seen for only chosen friends. 

messenger apkBlocking 

Blocking is restricted to friends only in the authentic version. YO WhatsApp goes one step further by preventing unsolicited audio and video conversations. 

messenger wayoHide Second Ticks

Can now hide ticks on WhatsApp thanks to a new feature. Those who write you texts would not be allowed to identify if you have received or not seen their texts. Due to double ticks, they would be likely to observe that texts are sent to you.

This patched variation goes a little further by allowing you to hide second ticks as well, making the user believe the information never arrived on your smartphone when, in fact, you've viewed it. It's a bit tired, but it works for secrecy. 

messenger for androidCan Add passwords To Your Texts 

You may put a password to your private conversations and keep them hidden from unwanted glances using YO WhatsApp’s great functionality. You'll require having a third-party application to do this on WhatsApp. You could now easily lend your smartphone to your pals without fear of someone listening in on your discussions.

yowa messengerExporting Photographs and Videos 

WhatsApp permits you to send up to 10 pictures at the moment; however, YO WhatsApp lets you post up to 90 images in one touch, which is an excellent option for all the selfie-obsessed females out there. 
The basic edition enables you to transfer files up to 16 MB in capacity, while YO WhatsApp allows you to share clips up to 30 MB in size. As a result, you may now have fun exchanging large video clips with your pals. 
Calling through video 

Both platforms support face-to-face communication. However, the current YO Whatsapp update, version 5.15, offers improved efficiency and improved video streams over the previous version.

mod whatsappCan schedule Texts on WhatsApp

Users love this function since it allows you to organize communications; all you need to do is choose a timeframe and deliver the text to the receiver. You no longer need to disturb your night to tell your buddies a happy birthday at midnight. 

mod whatsapp yowaMany Accounts to Manage 

You could use YO WhatsApp to manage many accounts on a single phone. For example, you could retain one for your company and the other for individual usage.

Frequently Asked Questions

whatsapp yo apkWhat is the procedure for downloading YO WhatsApp? 

As I previously stated, YO WhatsApp is not accessible on the Google Play Store. Thus you must obtain it as an APK file from

wayo appIs it feasible to go into the YO WhatsApp app and hack it? 

No, both YO WhatsApp and the original WhatsApp use the exact authorized network, so all of your conversations are secured. As a result, a third party cannot access your protected conversations.

yowaIs YO WhatsApp a trustworthy application to use? 

YO WhatsApp is a fork of the standard WhatsApp that runs on a similar infrastructure. The creator of YO WhatsApp has modified the WhatsApp APK's style sheet data, which is not protected, but the scripts are. In addition, the creator adds personalization and other capabilities to the upper layer of the standard WhatsApp. However, YO WhatsApp still utilizes the existing network to transfer and get texts, as I previously stated. 

Although while YO WhatsApp will not cause any issues on your smartphone, consumers must stick to the standard WhatsApp for legal functions, business information, and confidential information. We do not advise using YO WhatsApp.

yowhatsapp apk for androidWhat is the difference between YO WhatsApp and WhatsApp (Original)? 

Regarding appearance, setup, and sharing and getting texts, YO WhatsApp and WhatsApp are nearly identical. The sole distinction among them is the YO WhatsApp’s extra tweaks and functionality. You must not utilize the YO WhatsApp if you require interacting with confidential material for the company, governmental authorities, or other objectives. 
On the other side, if you merely wish to make a joke of your buddy or disguise your WhatsApp status data and customized WhatsApp appearance, you could use YO WhatsApp. How do you get the authentic WhatsApp with multimedia and conversations from the YO WhatsApp conversation? 

If you're utilizing the YO WhatsApp and wish to go back to the standard WhatsApp with all of your conversations, try these steps: 
  • First, install the official WhatsApp application. 
  • Go to the file explorer now. 
  • Go to the YO WhatsApp file and double-click it. 
  • Should copy database and Multimedia folders to your actual WhatsApp file in the file system. 
  • Next, go to the actual WhatsApp and enrol it with the mobile number you used in YO WhatsApp. 
  • Once you sign up for the original WhatsApp, it may request you to recover your prior conversations and multimedia; press on it, and all of your media assets, including talks, would be restored.


So those were a few of the application's most impressive capabilities. However, there need to be more causes to utilize this Mod instead of the original WhatsApp messenger there. Save this website to obtain YO WhatsApp updates frequently. 

Go on and have a look at YO WhatsApp today!

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