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Today, all corresponding and communicating entities worldwide use technological advancement and innovation for their imparting needs. Creation proves to help work with smooth correspondence among people or organizations as it gives choices that lead to a viable post. 
WhatsApp is quite possibly the most notable communication stage ever and has many dynamic clients and downloaders across the globe. Along these lines, it has an assortment of mods and imitation applications. An APK designer concocts various magnificent provisions the first form is missing and adds them to a mod adaptation for clients to appreciate. 

 Download FMWhatsapp

FM WhatsApp and Fouad WhatsApp are just among the numerous mods; however, before I advise you more, realize that you can discover more mods in SX Projects. Today we will assist you with seeing more about this reasonably new advancement that you may not have known about previously; however, it can be essential to your everyday exercises. 
Many of you might wonder what it is about this App that is so special that I should download it. Well, don't worry because today we will take you through that in this article: 

Why Should I Download FM Whatsapp or Fouad Whatsapp

People usually want an application that does every job for them and an application as old as WhatsApp. Without customization and extra elements to assist you with following or keeping a close check on a friend or an Ex friend, this application leaves more to be wanted, which is the thing that's best in FMWhatsApp and Fouad WhatsApp. 
As you realize that this App is an altered variant of the first WhatsApp. However, for what reason would it be a good idea for you to utilize it? The response to this inquiry is straightforward; for more visual experience and special provisions absent in the first App.

This App allows customization, which permits you to customize them as per your fulfillment. For instance, if you were not impressed by the green format of the first App, you can transform it into the adjusted variant. That accommodation can bring about your tasteful fulfillment. The sole motivation behind this adjusted form is to give more provisions, an easy-to-use interface, and wanted increments in features.

 FMWhatsapp Download

Actually, like the usual, you can text and call and send records to one another, however with FM WhatsApp download, you can likewise modify your interface and visit screen and go in disguise and watch the stories that your friends have removed. FM WhatsApp offers what the usual WhatsApp doesn't, or any app for that matter.
FMWhatsApp is the sublime form of the App that permits you to conceal your last seen from those who you don't want to know about your activity status; message send report, online class, and other interface symbols. You will have the perks of trying different color themes, and you can choose from one of them. 

Why Is FM Whatsapp Better? 

We should never settle for less when there is a lot more for you to clench. With the expanding interest for new provisions and privacy-related changes, clients will generally use outsider versions of WhatsApp instead of the first version.

It is constantly said that a changed application is in every case better compared to the first one. This is a direct result of the elements it gives, which are absent in the typical application. Also, that is the reason we have mentioned here probably the most featured components of FM Whatsapp. I'm confident that if you go through this load of elements, you may unquestionably check out the FMWhatsapp Apk


Latest Features on FM Whatsapp

fmwaHides Your Activity Status

We are consistently stressing over our last seen and here and there; we don't need others to sneak into our last seen of WhatsApp. Authoritatively, the first version furnishes you with the capacity that you can wind down your last seen on WhatsApp, yet on the contrary, you won't be going to see others' last seen on Whatsapp as well. Presently, you might ask, what's so uncommon in FM Whatsapp?

Indeed, FMWhatsApp will permit you to see others' last seen while others won't have the option to know when you were on WhatsApp last time. To empower this element, click on the three dabs on the upper right corner of FM WhatsApp, tap on Fouad mods> Privacy> click on freeze last seen.

fmwa appFM Whatsapp Freezes Your View Status

This again ends up being a significant element identified with FM Whatsapp. Most clients lean toward an outsider version on account of the upgraded highlights it offers regarding their privacy. With the assistance of this element, individuals who have posted stories on their status won't have the option to realize that you see their activity—as such, empowering this component will release your secrecy and watch others' accounts posted on their status section without telling them. 

fmwa modFM WhatsApp Hide Blue Ticks And the delivery status

WhatsApp clients have been sitting tight for this element for such a long time, yet the authority engineers couldn't have the option to add this component because of some reason. As the name proposes, when you get any message, the sender won't have the opportunity to know if the message has been conveyed to you. This applies to the blue ticks as well. The sender won't know if you have seen the message. Only a solitary tick will show up in his APP. 

fmwa mod appHides Typing Or Recording of texts. 

Examine this as a late added highlight. The name recommends everything, So you don't have any desire to tell others what you are doing while online and conversation is going on? Turn on this component, and it won't show the person you are visiting with that you are composing or recording a voice message. 

fmwa mod apkYou can message a number without saving contacts 

This element proves helpful when we need to send a one-time instant message to someone and don't need their number to save money on our phone. Basically, click on three specks on the upper right corner and click on 'message a number' and enter the number and straightforwardly send messages and start a conversation. 

mod appFM Whatsapp Disables forward tag from forwarded messages. 

Whenever we forward any message to someone or any gathering, there will be a label that says 'sent.' This occasionally can be bothersome as the message we are shipping off others may appear dicey, and the creativity of the message screws up. In any case, with the assistance of FM Whatsapp, we can advance any messages without telling others that the messages shipped off them are often sent previously by contacting them. 

mod apkYou will be able to see deleted messages.

FM Whatsapp additionally accompanies the counter-erase message included. What this element does is enable you to peruse the messages which the sender erases. In the authority version of WhatsApp, if the sender erases the message after communicating something specific, it will show up for the recipient as 'this message has been deleted.' Consequently, he won't have the option to know what sender had sent the message.

mod androidYou can see which contacts can call you. 

We get calls startlingly from the contacts we don't want to stay in touch with a few times. Or then again, there are a few groups who aggravate us by calling WhatsApp instead of calling straightforwardly through the phone organization. In the authority version, we can't hinder the approaching calls coming from contacts we don't need, the only way there is to impede them.

How to Download FM Whatsapp

Before installing the WhatsApp mod on your android device, we profoundly inform you to make backup files concerning your messages and media records. Making Back-Up of your data up is a pivotal advance because the uninstallation of the application will cause the deletion of all the data from the device. Failure to comply with the backup will bring about the long-lasting erasure of your records and precious data. Here is a set procedure for downloading FM WhatsApp on your device through the WhatsApp apk. 
1. Firstly, you will be required to backup your data before installing the FM Whatsapp app on your device. 

  • Open your WhatsApp app and go to a menu option 
  • Click on the settings button
  • Choose the “chats” option 
  • Go to "chats backup."
  • By tapping on the backup button, you will make a backup of all your chats on the phone. 
2. Enable the “Unknown Resources” option before you install the FM Whatsapp app through WhatsApp apk. 

  • Go to settings 
  • Click on security, and there you will see an "Unknown Resources" option
  • Enable Unknown Resource. 
3. Visit your downloads or file manager on your device where the WhatsApp apk file will probably be stored.
4. Click on the WhatsApp apk file and download it. 
5. When the WhatsApp app is installed, click on the open button to launch the file. 
6. Open the FM WhatsApp apk file
7. Read the agreement and click on " agree and continue." 
8. Sign in to FM WhatsApp through your phone number 
9. Click on “Copy Whatsapp Data" in the App
10. Congratulation, you have successfully backed up your old WhatsApp account. Click on the restore button. 
11. Now you can start exploring WhatsApp mod options. 

Some Frequently asked questions (FAQs): 

mod waIs FM Whatsapp Worth It? 

FM WhatsApp is an altered version of the well-known informing application, WhatsApp. It offers users elements and options that the first application doesn't give. 

mod whatsappWhere can I Download FM Whatsapp? 

You can look for a few download joins on the Internet. Since it's anything but an authority version of WhatsApp, you can't think it is on your gadget's authority application distribution administration. While downloading mods from the Internet, ensure that your source is protected. 

mod whatsapp appIs Fouad Whatsapp Better than Whatsapp?

Fouad Whatsapp is an altered version of WhatsApp. It accompanies a ton of additional elements contrasted with the authority WhatsApp.

mod whatsapp apkWhat is the difference between FM Whatsapp and regular Whatsapp? 

FMWhatsApp like GB WhatsApp, has the elements that WhatsApp users are searching for in the first application. From concealing your present status to altering your application, this mod is loaded with options that you want, for the most part, find in authority WhatsApp.

whatsapp modCan we run FM Whatsapp on IOS? 

No. Sadly, there is no IOS version accessible from Fouad WhatsApp.

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