User Agreement

This agreement governs the relationship between the Administration of the site and an individual who searches, distributes and receives information using the site.

 Parties to the agreement
The administration of the information resource "" located on the domain, hereinafter the Administration, and an individual who searches, distributes and receives information using this resource, conclude a User Agreement, hereinafter the Agreement, as follows:
 Subject of the agreement
 The administration provides the user with access to and the ability to search on, receive from and post on the following published materials:

- text information;
- images and photographs;
- binaries and archive files;
- links to materials located on or outside of it.
Rights and obligations of the parties

 The user has the right:

- search, transfer, store and distribute information on in any legal way;
- comment on information provided by other users;
- rate information and comments posted by other users by rating a limited number of times;
- require the Administration to delete the account and all information posted by the User.

 The administration has the right:

- at its sole discretion, create, modify and delete the terms of use of;
- at its own discretion, fully or partially restrict the User's access to, or its individual components;
- in its sole discretion, prohibit the User from creating an account on;
- at its discretion, view, delete or edit all information posted by the user, including registration data and inboxes.

 The user undertakes:

- to ensure the reliability of the transmitted information;
- indicate the authorship of information the user is not the author of;
- not to distribute information, the distribution of which is restricted or prohibited by the legislation of USA, including if criminal or administrative liability is established for the dissemination of information;
- not disrupt the performance of by distributing information containing viruses, creating additional load on the server, using undocumented functions and capabilities;
- not distribute software that requires additional usage fees (excluding Internet traffic costs) without the consent of the Administration;
- not to distribute advertising messages and materials without the consent of the Administration;
- not to distribute links to file hosting, except in cases where the placement of files on servers is impossible due to technical or legal restrictions;
- not to discuss or disclose the peculiarities of the rating and voting system, not to ask other users to give positive ratings, not to promise other users positive ratings for performing any actions or providing services;
- do not cheat votes, do not deliberately vote for materials posted by any particular user;
- do not use obscene language, do not offend other users;
- do not register more than one account on, unless the registration of additional accounts is agreed with the Administration.

 The administration undertakes:

- if the User posts information the distribution of which is limited by the International Agreement, either issue a warning to the User and delete such information, or delete the User's account with all posted materials, or apply both measures at the same time;
- Provide all available information about the User to authorized public authorities and protect the information entered by the user from unauthorized access.
Other conditions
- Important! The user downloads the software from at his own risk. User agrees that fees may apply for the use of software hosted on The user understands that the software on may be posted by other users, and the Administration does not pre-moderate the posted content.
- The user understands and agrees that all posted information can be used by search engines or in other ways.
- The administration does not guarantee the uninterrupted operation of
- In the event of force majeure (wars, natural disasters, actions of authorities), the Administration does not guarantee the safety of information and the uninterrupted operation of
Liability of the parties

In the event that the User's actions lead to the presentation of any claims by third parties, including in the field of copyright and related rights, all responsibility and costs, such as: compensation for losses, damage, including moral damage, court costs, fines, costs incurred as a result of the conclusion of settlement agreements and other costs, including damage to business reputation, incurred by the Administration or third parties, are borne by the User.

Time and terms of the agreement

This agreement comes into force either from the moment of registration of the user and providing him with an account, or from the moment of downloading the software or design themes posted on the site, depending on which moment comes first, and extends indefinitely.
The administration reserves the right to unilaterally change the provisions of the Agreement, the User can be notified of the change using technical means

This agreement includes a privacy Policy that defines the conditions for processing any information about the User that the Administration may receive during use by the User.

Usage means the user's unconditional consent to the terms of this Agreement. In case of disagreement with the specified conditions, the User must refrain from using